Past Games

Deertective is back on the case. Murder, Mystery, Pinball
DEERWAVE is a vibrant synthwave SHMUP. Use your natural pulse of color and your hunter instinct to dodge, reveal, and vaporize your enemies.
In 1989, the classic forest-noir platformer "Deertective 1" hit the shelves and the series became an overnight smash, but success came at a heavy price.
Deertective returns to his old haunt, the seedy Neon Glade, to find his old partner Buck has gone missing. Interview the locals, investigate objects, and track down the truth.
Destroy all animals. All animals hate you. A stylized bullet hell game about destroying animals. Don't think about the death.
You are a fragile moonboat in terrifying waters and mysterious lands. Can you grapple the power of THE MOON to bring you home?
After a tragedy, the deceased have yet to move on. One must match up the sentimental objects collected over their years to the specter to which it belongs.