Past Games

Oh hello there traveler! Many creatures live in this forest. They are all good natured and they would gladly meet you.
In this game, you explore an interactive art gallery. You can move and interact with objections. Watch how their style changes as you move them across the different paintings.
You are the sole mechanic of SPACESTATION-3-KILO-BN-STAD. It is up to you to keep the station up and running. Find and fix possible system failures.
The creatures of this planet have turned evil! Defend your home by scuttling and striding around with your house, shooting your enemies into pacification.
Everyone listens to a voice called The Message. It tells you what to do. Because of a short circuit The Message stops and you find yourself in control of your own thoughts.
A network multiplayer game about cleansing a haunted house. You play as either a demon, haunting the house, or an exorcist.
Randomly generated forest crawler where you need to choose the faith of your party by either fighting or negotiating with the forest natives. Foresee that the dragon gets what he wants or suffer the
test submission
This is the tale about a knight who is madly in love with Lady Gloria. To overcome his fears he asks four villagers to help him on his epic journey. In a hectic 4 player co-op mode you and your friends take control of the villagers. Use your tools wisely and gather the required resources to make the castle even more presentable when the Knight finally admits and shows his true love to Gloria. Work together to achieve the end goal, gather resources, pickup fancy hats to show your true style and enjoy the sights. Or even stab your friends in the 4 player co-op saboteur mode in which one player will work against the rest! Has to be played with four controllers.
Team vs. team. 1 known leader for each team. Other players' allegiances are unknown. Gameplay is all about bluffing to gain benefits and avoid repercussions. Game played exclusively with cards.