Past Games

A brand new NES game! As the mayor of a small town you must keep your town looking it's best. As the city infrastructure crumbles around you, lend a hand to fix things up.
Play alone or with a teammate to combine, separate, or flip pairs of DNA to complete the sequence. Game inspired by CRISPR gene editing and video game Overcooked.
A game for the original NES! Help make sure an important message is relayed across the entire sector, but beware of the dreadful space enemies. Play it using your favorite emulator or load it up
Your attempt at creating an automated kitchen have backfired, the potatoes have gotten mixed up with the wrong spare parts you had lying around.
In Joe VS Volcano, the gods are angry. Joe must appease them by collecting precious items and tossing them into the volcanoes before they erupt!
Multiplayer airplane dogfighting!
Burden is a top-down, roguelike game that follows a nameless warrior who seeks a mysterious power to help fulfill a promise made long ago.
Like the iOS game 'Space Team', but medically themed rather than spaceship themed. The main idea, for those unfamiliar, is that multiple players are assigned 'tasks' and must frantically shout them at one another in the hopes that someone can perform the task with their given controls.
Young Yggdrasil needs to replenish the land to 100% by turning the evil mudmen into vegetation.