Past Games

"I Saw A Dog" is a text-based mystery game. You play as a Private Investigator called in to investigate the case of a missing girl, 15-year-old Cassandra Brigit.
"My name is Zoe Lark. I believe in ghosts. At the end of this episode, you will too.
“Dearest JADE KNIGHT, I TIRE of this DANCE. This dance of GOOD versus EVILLLL. Come to my CASTLE on the night of the BLOOD RED MOONNN.
"“Two tablespoons of bat wing, one jar of newt eye, five maidenly dreams… “Stir till two dreams evaporate, then add three…impossible things…” Trouble occurs when Wizarding Apprentice Mine
What do we do now? Well, we hide a body! In a fit of rage you've killed your boss! Wow, after being so incapable of doing your actual job you became a murderer! What do you do now?
A lone teddy bear fights shadows and monsters to protect its child's sleep.