Past Games

Be the dominant blob
You wake up after you and your crew got blackout drunk on your way home.
​You work for Cheap 'n' Quik, a repair company who's promise is the ability to repair sent in items within only 20 seconds! As an employee, you're expected to keep up this standar
Based on the idea of transmitting love from person to person, you play the role of cupid. Try to help as many people find love as you can. It's better if you can help two people find each other
A series of local 4-player mini-games based on the theme "Waves" Each wave gets progressively harder. Complete 3 waves to win the game.
Some people are on a floating island and must perform a ritual to please their Deity and be blessed with rainfall.
Inspired by a hilarious Japanese game show, 'SquishFits' is the result of the global game jam 2015 brief: 'What do we do now?' hosted at Abertay University.
A game that encompasses the spirit of cats and mysteries in one. _________ Darius is a happy cat. He has everything he needs; a warm house, regular feeding and a loving owner. Until recently. The feeding has stopped and Darius hasn't seen his owner in a while. Accompany Darius on an adventure around his home in search of answers. Uncover clues (that Darius must try to understand) and piece together what's happened.