Past Games

Tune in the beat, hit the right combos and keep your healing beam up and in the right color so you and your robo-protector can make it through the meteor storm !
Home is where you unload the scraps of your journey! Larry, the alien, has lost his home planet! No worries though...
In alien world you must survive the waves of hostile aliens until your "TRANSMISSION" reaches earth an rescue is under way
All Hand On Deck is a local co-up game where players become pirates of a sturdy ship. They have balance their ship to counter the bad weather and the resulting Gigantic Waves.
Participate in the Mpumalanga (Zulu for "the place where the sun rises") provinence rain ritual and help the tribe to call the rain by blowing into the mystical pipes of sibakabaka.
"Groovy Flicker" is a party game for 3-6 players and an ideal game to play with your friends and family!
Its about a body switching spirit!