Past Games

Fast paced horror platformer with terrifying enemies. Playable with keyboard (Left, Right, A, D, Space), Gamepad (Left, Right, A (no stick, sorry)), and touchscreen (Left and Right side of screen t
The player wakes up in a place that they have no memory of. Phone rings and they realise they should've been going already.
You fly in space, shooting enemy ships and repairing and upgrading your own ship with parts falling from the enemy ships.
Touch the line to get score. Tested on Chrome, on Android. Safari on iOS had some problems.
A teddy going fast and fighting rabbits.
Rotate the world and change your color to get to the end of the puzzle.
The gamer has a flower to grow. You have sun, rain and something surprising to choose. Flower needs sun, warmth and water to grow, but you can'r use them eternally. Of course you can try the surprise button...

Hearty Games