Past Games

World War IV is a crafting MMO in which two teams - green and purple - compete to earn the most victory points. Teams can craft buildings to increase their victory points, or weapons to destroy the
A rhythm game in which you, a telegraph operator, wish to send a telegram to repair your broken relationship. Don't make a mistake! You may need to refresh a few times to get it working
Defuse or detonate the bomb before time runs out ;p
In Orpheo, the player travels the world cleansing it of demons and monsters. They collect souls to become more powerful in order to fight stronger enemies and cast magic. Inspired partly by Demon Souls, partly by Legend of Zelda (The original!), as well as by The Binding of Isaac, H.R. Geiger, and strategy games, this game is guaranteed to test you.
Rescue things from the past to help you rescue other things from the past! Use your time machine! Includes rescuing extinct things.
Zombies are coming! As the Maiden, feed Jack (the rabbit) as many carrots as possible before you're overrun. He might even help you in return.