Past Games

I top down tap adventure. Attack goblins, imps, and demons. Cast ritual spells with the blood of your enemies.
Fall of the Guardians is a multi-player card game. One player plays as the main good guy, the guardian. Then you have 2-6 other players, play as the Destroyers, or the villains.
An endless boss game. How do you kill the slime now? Shoot it? Stab it? Jump on it? What do we do now?!
You are sick.You are lost. You are alone. You awake in a decrepit hospital with some kind of illness.
“The Tell Tale Heart”, based off of the short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, has the player desperately searching for beating hearts which are hidden underneath the floor board. In order to do this, the player must use their ears, for as they get closer to the heart, the faster it will beat. However, it is not always that simple for the player will need to find objects and move objects and as well as solve puzzles in order to obtain, and silence, the intensely beating hearts.
Imagine that a famed explorer loses his whip and falls into a ruined temple full of snakes. What's he to do? Beat up the snakes and use them as a whip to navigate the temple, of course!