Past Games

Two player game, where one steals and hides items from NPC's and other one tries to find return items to their owners
A game where you suddenly wake up in your apartment and everything has broken down. Fix it as quickly as possible!!
You are a bird with flapping abilities.
Transeract is about 4 dimensional creature that got stuck in limited 3 dimensions and is trying to transcend back to his home dimension.
Journey through heaven and hell, full of mysterious adventures and dangers. Our character descends to the darkest pits of hell to gather resources for spellcraft of the most amazing magic.
Spacetime bending isometric puzzle game. The player starts the first half of the level with the goal to go through a door, to reach the second half, but when playing the second half, he is able to w
Puzzle game about blind entity, that uses sound, to reveal the surroundings and find the way out of castle.
Adruzzle is a computer game where one has to find a way to exit rooms while doing various puzzles, for example hitting a switch, choosing correct door etc. Each time player enters a new room, a sound is played which gives a hint.Main game objective is to pass all game without dying.