Past Games

A game inspired by The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Play as Dr. Jekyll trying to brew a potion to prevent becoming Mr.
Uma visual novel sobre um casal formado por uma demônia e um humano.
Will is a survival game where the player has not only to survive but has to protect another person. In the process regaining his own will to survive.
The enemies are using radio broadcasts to send hidden messages. Listen to the radio broadcast and discover intel!
Gravidade? Magnetismo? Nem sei.
In this game you have to interact with elements of nature in order to make the environment change through seasons.
A simple game where two players compete to escape from a dark maze. Even though it's a competition, the players can agree to reveal the whole labyrinth for a few seconds.
A Space shooter in which the control keys randomly change making the player adapt as the game go.
Have you ever thought about your food's feelings? In this game you will see your diet from a quite different point of view. Pinko, our lovely glutton hero, has the hard task of eat health foods to avoid a heart attack, however he must eat something to keep running for his life. The game controls are quite simple. use the space bar or the "X" key to jump while Pinko run to taste food on his track.