Past Games

Ah, isn't so nice to be at home, enjoying your morning.
You're on the roof of your mate's house, it's the summer holidays and you're mucking around, as per usual.
That sneaky Rat, he snuck into the Zodiac banquet and took your spot!
First person puzzle game where the player's perspective is the key to moving forward. WASD to move. Mouse to look. Q and E to rotate objects.
Instructions - Arrow Keys Left & Right | Mouse Drag | 1, 2, or 3 to Change Music World of Love is a resource management game where managing the wants of each area will keep them happy. Will you be able to please everyone? Or will you have to make some hard choices? Try and grow this world as one, you now have the power to change the world.
The Melbourne Mega Mashup! A collaboration of over 100 programmers, artists, designers, writers, musicians, journalists, and more: we are proud to present the Credits Game of the #IGDAMJAM.