Past Games

The Steel Samurai protects the world! During its battle fighting the Kaiju, it's getting badly damaged.
A competitive game about two home owners! A ghost has taken over your house, find all the key items to take it back!
You are a messenger from the Northern Kingdom. You have an important message to deliver to the King of the Southern Kingdom. You've made it to the Southern Kingdom's city gates.
Battle it out underwater in submarine vs submarine combat - take out waves of enemies with torpedoes, and watch out for the mines! Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your submarine, F to fire a tor
It's lunchtime! Hershel, Wendy, Shradha, and ¤┤▓ ■ have some time to kill out on the playground, but they only find a rundown ball court to play on (sensei said "no video games!").
What a day for a foot race! ...But not everything is as it seems... Game requires XBox 360 controllers (up to 4) plugged in.