Past Games

Lantern game is a retro style 2D platformer. The wizard must feed his froggy friend! To do so he must collect fireflies that also brighten up his lantern.
All alone in a junkyard, you find yourself covered is scrap. The wonkey robot you are, you can repair yourself with bodyparts of previous robots.
Together a polar bear and a penguin find themselves stuck in an ice cavern. To get home, they must cooperate in solving puzzles.
Wandering through the dark woods, a lone Fox in search for it's friends... Foxy goes traveling through the forest and finds friends, help these friends in need, find them and bring them back h
Tobbi your blind buddy requires to be brought to safety! And you're the person to achieve that! Use just your eyes to place echo locations, which Tobii will follow, and lead him to his cave.
In this two player game you catch a sheep and sacrifice him for the goods of evil. But one of the players is the sheep. Try to not get caught within the time limits and you escape.