Past Games

Welcome to Doctor Ouch's clinic, where smiles get repaired! Press A or B as many times as indicated within the allowed time shown by the moving cursor.  Single input A or B icons only requi
4 players turn-by-turn racing game.
Traditional Puzzle game mixed with Versus Fighting! - Where you kill your friends and revive your heart! - In this 2 Players games (1P Mode someday?) each player has to combine same tiles to create some chain reactions as big as possible. Each chain adds a disease to the player "wheel of joy and happiness" that he can turn at any time to send a disease at his opponent. All of the diseases are a time-limited handicap that makes the game harder. The higher the chain reaction is, the more effective the attack will be. With a lot of combinations, diseases and other possibilities to kill your friends, defy everyone to join the Sweet Therapy Disaster!
Travel through time to stop your past-selves in a randomized maze. Take advantage of the power ups to go deeper back in time !
In KAZZ.ED you have to help Kazz, a little character, to survive to the extinction of his Binary Tetris World in a 2D Puzzle Plateformer game. Use Tetris pieces to make his way up to keep ahead of the dark void of chaos.
Bloody Boldy Maze is a less than 2 minutes playable game with a total open gameplay.