Past Games

Game is about splitting soul. CTRLS: WASD, E - go into spirit mode, F - attack, Q - interact.
Game is about helping people cross bardakia's wall
Operators: infiltrated Boris and guerrilla Ivan. Mission: Transmission. Target: Gas Supply Depot.
coop game where players need to climb up high to evade tsunami
You and your mates find yourselves at a building where you see a shining altar. Someone has to go there. Not for uniting their legacies, but for losing one of their few lives.
About - story <br/> There are two native tribes on this small island. Each tribe has got it’s own outrageous totem god.
BACKSTORY You are the CARRIER - you have got THE TIME BOMB - 1 kilo of cocain in your stomach – you have 10 minutes to get rid of the drug or else YOU will DIE… GAMEPLAY You use different drugs you
Become an Owl and hunt your prays. Use their their heart beat to find them, but be carefull not to attack animals too big for you. The Owl can attack larger animal, when it grows bigger. Look at the info on the top of the screen.