Past Games

Can you Pair Pears without losing your hair? Do it with care, if you dare... Just collect as many deferent types of Pears as you can. Combining them is the fastest way to get new types, but it is
A tale about a turtle that tries to get back home.
Working in High-Tech is Hard. Workers are Ungrateful. Basically, you can only trust your family.
A board game turned into a PC game. Six players in the game race each other in order to get as many points as possible using the one and only crown.
Sacrifice the Bubble Lemmings, to get Elements, to do the Ritual, to get more Bubble Lemmings to sacrifice for elements to do ritual to...
A game of love... or is it?
New Grounds tells the story of Plato, a cute little creature that awakes to his destiny and goes on a journey form a dark life into a brave new world. On the way he needs to fight enemies that want to keep him imprisoned and free his friends... The story is based on the allegory of 'Plato's cave' and the 'Matrix' movie - promoting the message that in order to create a change in the world, one has to escape his own prison of mind.
The snake eating itself was for us endless loop - in our game it is the egg falling from bottom and coming back from top, or being eaten and comes back as another egg. We wanted it to be endless game, with no losing, so that the player could always improve or damage his score. \ But we decided to limit it to 8 rounds (the infinity side going from up to down, which is same as the egg) \