Past Games

Stranded in the middle of nowhere after a car accident, you stumble across a cottage. Unbeknown to you it is the ancestral home of the infamous Shovel Killer.
Beach of Waves was an Australian television soap opera.
If your ritual is guaranteed to keep you alive, yet is detrimental to your sanity. How would you cope with breaking the cycle?
Vantage Point is a multiplayer cooperative game involving stealth, caution and communication. As the Infiltrator, stay in constant communication with your Navigator/s and heed their advice as they
A game of deception and assumptions. Use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to interact with other characters.
The knights are sent in one by one to defeat the Ourobouros. None have ever returned.
The last Dodos are being hunted to extinction. The last hope lies with one man. Only he can smuggle them across the Mauritius, only he can save the last of a dying species. He has no name, he has no allegiance, he is... you! As you struggle to avoid the lava pits, drowning, hunters, boulders, spikes, crates and the dodos' own suicidal tendencies, one dodo has been left behind - Exclusive to PC and on the run from hungry hungry hunters, you must also guide this last flightless bird to the rest of his flock as they escape. Two games, two platforms, two heroes. Can you avoid... EXTINCTION?