Past Games

Ever heard of cartesian dualism? It's kind of like this I think. A brain controls a body, but not always very well. Collect the right instructions, avoid mental traps.
Lost at sea, A ship's captain needs to find his way back home to his wife and loyal dog.
Go head to head against another player in this intense 1v1 competition as you complete 3 mini games revolving around floor repairs for a rundown hotel as you work your way to the top of a hotel.
It's moving day, you forgot to pack, and you have to leave for your new home in a few minutes!!! Pack as many of the things that matter to you in your suitcase as you can before time runs out.
Help a young acolyte befriend the local spirits to complete his training. (Due to technical difficulties, the gameplay is incomplete).
Manage a Trauma Center When you right click on a doctor that doctor will be highlighted. Once highlighted you right click a patient for the doctor to heal that patient.