Past Games

You are a blind special operative. You're trapped inside of an enemy compound and you need to find your way out.
Stay hidden! You have to avoid being perceived by the citizens of 1800's London. Lurk in alley ways until you can make a move. Avoid the police bobbies on patrol.
Loosely based around Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-tale heart", our game tries to portray the feelings of guilt and realisation of the terrible thing the protagonist has done. This is achieved without words and using only one mode of control (touch/mouse). It is a fixed position point and click 3d story game. Controls: Mouse to control. touch on screen arrows to turn, and use the mouse to interact with the environment. Touch the artifacts in the right order to finish. The game was live at this address before five: We were unable to upload the game here before 5.00pm GMT because this site was down.