Past Games

Alchemy Story is about two modified particles, one biological "Bio" and an electric one "Volt" that felt in love with each other inside the laboratory in which they have been creat
Play as Lulu, a cute wave-firefly who tries to escape the big devouring cloud who wants to eat every being who has waves energy.
You are a voodoo master and you must sacfifice chicken to please Mawu. You can do so by collecting enough points or being the last one alive. Playable only with controllers.
COMING SOON AVAILABLE ON THE APPLE STORE !!! - The hero's heart was broken because his princess was kidnapped. You must travel the world to get back the 4 fragments of your heart. To do that, you will cross the 4 seasons and be careful because an weak heart will risk a heart attack. Will you succeed in finding your season's heart ?