Past Games

You're a demon caretaker who's job it is to fix up dungeon between adventuring parties. Fix barrels! Respawn monsters! Don't get caught by adventurers!
Choose a terra animalis and collect landscape features and decoration to create a perfect home for lost, floating critters.
Try not to send a false missile alert, using the operating system from hell. A point and click misadventure in UI design failure and dealing with the consequences.
Two players must find each other in a frozen sea of ice. Each player places markers as they move, to help the other player follow their trail.
An ancient machine controls the weather and its creators are long gone. You must perform the ritual and come to understand its workings to save your crops.
You have crashed on the moon of the Space Dragons and now you must get your ship working again!
Collect all the sweets and feed the hungry dinosaur~!
Infirunner style game where you have to keep your wolf alive by escaping as the world collapses. ...but watch out, if you run too fast you'll tire yourself out.

Hearty Games