Past Games

Great works of art have rapidly deteriorated. You and your colleagues are the world's most elite art restoration specialists.
Create some great collective memories by feeding adorable farm animals! In this cute little game, with a convoluted control scheme, you get to determine how you play on the fly.
Use your magical CMYK RayBans(TM) as you explore this multi dimensional island wonderland.
The Legend of Hart's Hollow is a 3D top-down isometric game that mixes action/adventure, unique sound mechanics, and a 4 person multi-player experience. In the game, 3 players take control of three young adventurers, who have ventured into Hart's Hollow, a swamp haunted by a monster known only as "The Shade". These three players must find an burn the 3 enchanted items that are keeping "The Shade" bound to the Earth, and they must do it before The Shade catches them. The 4th player, plays as The Shade. This player will be blind folded, instead using the sound and pace of the other character's heartbeats to find and catch them.
Two players play as different aspects of the same patient; one physical one mental. Using different abilities and aiding each other, the players must escape an asylum filled with the terrifying projections of the patient's broken psyche.
You are a probe sent from the future to help prevent the extinction of different animals.

Hearty Games