Past Games

Race against the clock to drag ship-panels into their correct places for the best score.
Parody game about removing all of the negative emotions from your life. This game will spark joy.
Take control of an industrious robot as it reestablishes signal transmissions through levels of increasing puzzling and challenging difficulty.
Cats, colors, and giant-inflatable-tube-arm-waving-guys, this rhythm game has got it all! Meow~
For this theme about "Rituals", play as the product of a ritual as you control an imp familiar summoned by a wizard in danger.
Cardboard collides with technology in this 2-4 player game of space exploration! Players move on a physical board but track their stats electronically and engage in combat on a shared android device.
You are Dr Henry Jekyll - and someone has broken into your laboratory and stolen your secret serum!
On a Dark and Stormy night, you find yourself hunting other monsters in a creepy forest! Use your monstrous instincts to follow the sounds of your prey's beating hearts! Lurk motionless in the shadows to pinpoint and strike before the sun rises in the morning.