Scott F. Thompson

Past Games

Short story of an old man's unlucky day.
A very cute bakery has opened up in town and you are the proud new owner!
Get out there soldier and bring your squad back alive! Put em’ back together as quickly as you can cause they gotta get back out there and keep fighting! By any means necessary!
Its late into the jam, time is an abstraction, but this sandwich in front of you is your savior.
SPACE GOLF is a multi-player game that is playable on anything that can render JavaScript. We recommend PC or Mac (mobile not available yet).
FIRE, ENGINES, SKULLS, BROKEN(WORKING BETTER?) ALL CAPS KEYS. TASTE OF METAL is a car crashing and smashing sumo fight for domination of the platform.
Tower defence at the beach with sandcastles and awesome sea critters. Submission for GGJ Vancouver 2017.
You are aboard the SS Party Boat (But it prefers to be called Boaty McBoatface), partying all day and night. But someone partied too hard and broke a hole in the hull (oops!).
SPECTRUM is a small arena PvP FPS using the color wheel to determine your attack.
Watered Down is a simple action puzzler, where you play a hermit crab attempting to navigate his way out of a hazardous whirlpool cast down on him by a evil mermaid.