Past Games

Rules of the game Rodent Rampage is a 3 vs. 1 local multiplayer game for 4 people. All hell broke lose in the mousetrap factory. Two enemies are fighting against each other.
Everyone in the jam venue joins the game, spawning with their spaceship somewhere in space, equipped with the ability to accelerate, brake or transmit a sound signal into their direction of view.
Experience the world of a Bat in a fascinating and relaxing way. Use your sonar to light up the world and find the sights of the area.
In this game you play as two maniacs with compulsive tendencies, that, on their killing spree, require themselves to finish the job only through finishing other objectives.
The world is about to end and you have to escape! Or just some of you..
This game's objective is rediscovering a known world. By listening to your heart, you make objects and people behave differently. This game is entering the Games for Change contest because it deals with us often neglecting peoples emtional states behind their visual facade. Note: this game was presented on time (Sun, 5:00pm local time) at the Global Game Jam Cologne but uploaded later (Sun, 11:00pm) due to server connection errors.