Scedi Khedr

Past Games

Journey in the life of a musician, who is now deceased. Free the soul of the ghost of the house. Help him play his musical composition for one last time.
Battle repair is a competitive multiplayer online where 2 contenders must slow each other by killing each other with 1 objective: save themself by repairing the ejection capsule; The concept of the ga
Alternate Ways is a game where you have to choose a series of action to do inside your House. However evey action has a consequence, it's up to you finding those consequences.
Help the space pope convert unfaithful aliens to its religion, by praying out loud int your device's microphone. Say "Aiutami O Signore" during gameplay to view controls.
Tap N’ Wave è un gioco di destrezza (Dextery Game) in cui due avversari in locale devono sfidarsi in brevi livelli premendo a ripetizione i tasti indicati dal gioco (Tap) completando così un’animazion