Past Games

Finally, the dangerous space mission has been completed and the Maidbots are returning to Earth. However, the ship is suffering from meteor attacks and is in constant need of repair.
An old retired guardian warrior needs a new hobby, a new home.
Get ready with the Global Game Jam 2018 coach! Instructions: press enter to start and use the right / left keys to play the game.
You are a young tamer, but your litle monster don't listen your orders correctly (maybe? HaHaHa).
EN: A game where a pigeon has to deliver an important match. PT-BR: Um game onde um pombo tem que entregar uma correspondência importante.
A black hen that is about to be sacrificed tries to escape her cruel fate.
Developers no ideas begin to fight in the arena.
O personagem, depois de velho e solitário, se lembra do seu amor de infância. Ele convivia com uma bela garota quando era pequeno que após um tempo desapareceu, sem deixar vestígios.