Past Games

The year is 2040. Twenty years ago a scientific breakthrough gave hope for humanity to achieve high ends. But as technologies advance, human brain decays. Greed got the best of it.
It is a 3d platformer were you do transmissions with moving blocks. All people have turned into capsules.
You were trapped in a dungeon, not knowing where you are or what you could do... But you know that you can explode stuff! So, your goal is to simply bomb everything up.
Space exploration survival game.
You cannot outrun eternity
You are a Bee and you must keep the flowers on the island blooming by carrying the pollen from one to another. This is needed so that you could constantly gather honey in the hive and help your species survive on the island!
Crazy stealing running game! From them dark and twisted corners twisted and dark thieves appear! Steal them crazy money!