Santiago Ramos Caiata

Past Games

Your body was stolen by an evil tech company owned by a New Age Guru.
A rebel ghost tries to scare away visitors from his family's house. Trying not to scare his own human family in the process.
Restless is a top-down time management game in which you must take care of all the situations of your home in time or die of stress.
A game about wololoing. 1 vs 1 action; Monsters vs Robots. Each player must wololo NPC from diferent types, when you convert (Transmit your gens) you generate a minion who will fight for you.
The game takes place in a pos WWII former CCCP (USSR) recondite and abandoned location, where an isolated cenile РККА (Red Army) soldier, unaware that the war has ended, fights an imaginary robot inva
Endless flyer, horizontal side scroller that features Bubbles, the detergent-addict rabbit, who swings in a world of waves.
Complete the ritual to invoke the holy one. Help him spread love, peace and awesomeness throughout the world.
Prepare and complete the ritual before the townsfolk discover and deal with you! Ariel just wants one thing from life: to summon a demon that will give him UNLIMITED POWER!!!
Who said wizards can't fight? Get ready for the most awesome, magical duel arena of all time. Potions sold separately. Two wizards begin the duel with wands that possess unknown powers.
Two girls sneak into an old manor during the night, maybe because they were curious, maybe they were just looking for trouble. But one thing is certain, inside they will face an unspeakable horror...
Single player game in which there is a character trying to go out to a lost island it arrived. It must use wisely the items on its bag to face the obstacle presented to pass each screen. Download th