Past Games

An abandoned facility from a forgotten dimension. No one dares to enter its darkness.
You are Eugine, a guy compulsive obsessed about cleaning. Actually he can't even leave a messy room without cleaning it first.
Use your super bees to gather honey as fast as you can, to perform the spring pollination. The winner is the first one to fill his honeycomb faster. Game for 2, 3 or 4 players.
Lub Dub ======= Our main characters, Lub & Dub are two guys with one goal: to take back their sacred gems which have fallen in the wrong hands... They must use different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and carefully synch their moves to make it to the goal, just like the moving parts of a living heart. The game is made for 2 players (cannot be played by only one player). Goal ---- Both player must find and collect the gems and then make it back to the starting point without being caught by the guards. You two are in this together. If one player gets caught, the other one goes down with him too. If you both make it back to the starting point with the gems, you're free and laughing! Controls (PlayStation-type controller) -------- Lub: Use the left stick to move and the X button to shoot a distraction. Dub: Use the left stick to move, and walk over the gems to collect them.
You're a clumsy cosmonaut, trying to get you spaceship back before is too late! The problem is: it's on auto-pilot surrounding the planet you're left, and if you don't catch it on time, the ship will catch you!
Guy is late to reach GGJ11 presentation at PUCPR site, and has just 5 minutes to do so. Carrying some "drinks" a friend asked him to bring, he must find a way to pass through all the obstacles and quickly reach the destiny, but beware: there's just a few minutes, and maybe those "drinks" may help Guy doing this... at some mysterious price.
After a mysterious night, prove your skills to calm down your raging wife.