Past Games

Break open meteorites, but watch out for the ones that are falling from the sky. Arrows or AD to move left and right, and space to mine. You can't move while mining.
Fixteroids is an arcade game about a robot factory sent to the asteroid belt to collect asteroid fragments, fix them back into asteroids and propel them towards asteroid-mining pirate spaceships.
It's a game where you defend your house.
Max Wake Radiohead communicates with the universe with the power of trance and eyebrows! The game is played using only your face and works only on iPhone X.
Our team takes plurals very seriously and because the theme of GGJ17 was not Wave but Waves, our team aimed for the biggest amount of different wave-types of all the game jam games.
Fast-paced competitive couch multiplayer platformer game revolving around morning chores (or 'rituals', if you will).
You're the star of a musical and your solo is about to come, but you've forgotten all the lyrics! What do you do now? Improvise!
An analogy to life and it's origin
She left me a message. I just have to find it.
A game of life and death and sledding. Mostly sledding. Make your way through the air and perform awesome tricks to please the judges before you tumble down to a gruesome death. But you still get points!
Rhythm of the Stars is a rhythm-based game where you save stars by flying in space and activating your area of effect power.
A retro-style puzzle platformer featuring heavy hamburgers and deadly dynamite.

Hearty Games