Past Games

Solve a mystery spanning past and present
Story As a utility android at Xeal Labs called X.A.N.D.E.R. (Xeal Artificial, Neural, Directive Executing Robot), you and an AI called X.I.P.
Your sister has gone through a tragic event and needs your help to get through the day. It is a Visual Novel style game. Press Enter to advance the Text Use the mouse cursor to interact with the wo
Keep your friends alive. Or kill them all.
A 3D stealth game, where you use clues transmitted to you to narrow down the target you must deliver or pick up secret information from.
“Dearest JADE KNIGHT, I TIRE of this DANCE. This dance of GOOD versus EVILLLL. Come to my CASTLE on the night of the BLOOD RED MOONNN.
The beast comes every night at sundown and demands a performance.