Past Games

A party game about problems and solutions.
A group of seven people find themselves on a ship in the middle of an endless ocean, with no recollection of how they got there. Based on the 1923 film of the same name.
Ham it up on the airwaves and chew the rag with a variety of eligible amateur enthusiasts in this automotive dating sim.
BEAN is based on an old swimmer's game. It's a regular old swimming race -- but if you finish with the bean, you lose! Swap lanes with other players to get rid of the bean.
Father Skyler has been hired to exorcise some demons running rampant at the local country club. Can he save everyone in time? Will he get arrested again for his wild card tendencies?
You've been working on your game jam for hours. You decide to take a walk to clear your head. Explore the illustrious Carleton University campus, lovingly recreated in 2.5D...