Past Games

A reflection based 2.5D platformer where players control their character a reflection of their character. All of their inputs are mirrored, but the challenges they face aren't quite the same.
You've detected a distant distress signal from a ship that was thought lost in space. There's an outstanding reward for the whereabouts of its crew and cargo.
Compete 1v1 repairing broken robots by matching heads with legs and send them to attack your enemy! Don't let enemy robots reach your side or else they blow up and you lose a life.
Flight of the Grey Ladies is about the brave pigeons that carried messages during world war II.
Dance to guide your bees to the flower and back before your rival does!
Waves are an oscillation that accompanies a transfer of energy. Terminal Valency is a game about creating a cascading wave through energy transfer.
Every bullet hell is a ritual, and if you fail to complete the right motions, you will surely die.
OVERVIEW: Starflocks 64 is an 8 player game focusing on cooperating together as a school of fish. Swimming in groups gives a speed boost making it easier to find food while avoiding predators.
Alter your perception to overcome obstacles in this 2D platformer about your perception of the world.
A 2D top-down horror game where you wake up alone on a submarine, with only the ominous sound of a heartbeat echoing from somewhere on the ship. You must explore the sub and find the source of the heartbeat before you go mad.
A 2-D top-down maze game involving defeating a snake by making it eat its own tail.
A 2D game involving controlling the weather to save the last forest from extinction.

Hearty Games