Past Games

You're mind has been broken. You must repair it by destroying what's not really you.
Steve Brumby may have just woken to one of the worst days of his life. A gang of bandits is seeking the loot he took from them and now he has to protect his home, his life, and the loot.
A wavy hair girl Fights waves of zombies at the gates of the dead. She must find the gate hammer and destroy the lich with a shock-wave from the hammer
You are a novice of the Order of Ar'Chan, sworn to protect the world from demonic forces that wish to enslave humanity.
Defiant Prodigy is proud to present, Insane Off-Road Global Game Jam Edition!
Multiplayer preview of up and coming game, Dark Saga! You must defend the hole in space time...but watch out for the Dark Ones!! Made in under 48 hours, at the Global Game Jam Site in St. Louis, MO.