Roxanne Taylor

Past Games

Many moons have passed since the robots took over. Starved for resources, the machines cast aside there human masters for survival.
Play at In the early decades of the 21st century, replicants have emerged as a supplementary labor force. Defend your tree, prune those infestations with your rocket before the fuel runs out! Controls: Fly around with WASD, blast up with SPACE, and LEF
SPACE GOLF is a multi-player game that is playable on anything that can render JavaScript. We recommend PC or Mac (mobile not available yet).
Whales Hate Birds is a one to four-person game. It can be single-player on a keyboard with the arrow buttons or it can have up to four players by plugging in an Xbox dongle for PC.
To ease tensions between the land and sea, envoy Star Platypus descended to the lair of the Octopus King to negotiate terms for peace.