Past Games

When Rougarou the wolf was wandering through the woods he didn't know how getting bit by a rabid were-teenager would effect him.
Play TAG aka a game of hide and seek, with your fellow paintbrush friends, one of you is "IT" and you earn points for tagging other people or by hiding by standing still Avoid the spilled p
The sleep space R. E. M cycle rail has been broken. Help number 2 and 8 of the dream team fix it and get us back to a restful nights sleep.
You, the player, traverse a mountain as you view the world through masks. Each mask you put on allows you to view the world differently as you walk along the path to the top of the mountain.
You and your teammate are making emergency repairs to your space ship. Mission control is transmitting instructions, but there's no radio reception down in the engine bay! One of you has to
You are a captain! Rescue people from drowning and command the winds by blowing into your mic. Steer you and your passengers to safety by the shore.
Writing on the wall
"Nuclear and biological war has left the Earth a desolate wasteland. A bioweapon turned man’s best friend into his worst nightmare.
You are a captured officer in the middle of a revolution. Each day you are tortured to reveal elements of upcoming plots.
A string of doomed travelers attempt to cross the desert wasteland. Only through self-sacrifice can even a single traveler survive. Die of thirst and accomplish nothing. Collapse from exhaustion however, and leave your precious water reserves for the next traveler. Will anyone survive? -------------------- Alternate Z and / keys to run a traveler across the desert. Water is consumed at a steady rate. When the travelers are hot (in the sun), extra water will be consumed by perspiration until their body temperatures can lower in the shade. -------------------- A traveler will die if all the water is consumed (blue bar on right) or upon collapsing from exhaustion. In the case of the latter, any remaining water will stay with the corpse. Upon replaying the game with a new traveler, the water can be consumed by stopping by the corpse. You may choose to sacrifice the traveler through over exertion and leave the water for future travelers to get further. -------------------- We evolved our concept by layering on aspects of meaning to the idea of a beating heart. First was the idea of a person having heart as an aspect of persistence, never giving up despite the suffering of their body. Second was the idea of the heart beat as a nascent expression of exertion. Third was the idea of sacrifice. In this case, travelers can chose to over exert themselves enough so that they expire leaving a lot of water in their remains for others to make the journey. Finally, a heart is intrinsically married to the concept of life. -------------------- Since our traveler passes through a hot desert terrain, water, an essential elixir of life, must be balanced with its use as a source of energy for the player. By reminding players of the need for something many of us take for granted, we are underscoring the plight of over 780 million people all over the world who lack access to clean water.
Use speed and wit to find the right items to escape the asylum, before you go insane!
Help Art East sneak into the Mime Complex and kill mimes to restore color to the world! Watch out for rain, or your cover will be blown!

Hearty Games