Past Games

Casual game where you have to touch the screen at the right time. [Juego casual en donde tendrás que tocar la pantalla en el momento justo.]
Un mundo de fantasías vive en el interior de un pequeño. Las Hadas deberán ayudarlo construir su sueño, pero... si el despierta su mundo no existirá más.
This is a terror surviver, where you take control of Dr. Cardigan Jammer, a military cientist, that try to save the world from being possesed by the evil spirits of Necronomicon. You only have your inteligence, speed and a beautifull truck driver wife. Try to save as many people you can in the dark streets of Cordoba, be carefull because is full of damned people and the only way to know who is normal and who's not, is by hear thei heart beats... If you love to personalize weapons, this game will entretain you until you fall dead!