Past Games

You are a service robot on a broken spaceship, trying to escape the deadly wreckage. Both the heating and cooling facilities have been destroyed, creating flaming hot or freezing cold surfaces.
Officer Strauss has been informed that his colleauge has gone missing and last been sighted near the cemetery. Help him infiltrate the strangely active location and find his friend, but watch out!
A fox who helps people, that got trolled by a honking creature.
Finally, your chores are done for the day. Time to spend the remaining day to play with your friends.
In your new position as Commander in a Bunker, you have to give orders to the troops on the surface. The only link to them is a fax machine...
Navigator and captain of the Flying Ägyt need to bring the fright safely to the harbor, crossing the dangerous wavy ocean.
You are a loyal servant of satan, and you want to take over heaven for him. To do this, you summon ghastly demons from underworld using bloody spell signs.
You and your friends plan to go out this evening. You have an idea where you want to go and need to convince your friends to choose your favorite location.