Past Games

Four kids play hide and seek in a cemetery. Originally planned to feature super powers.
Repair your relationship talking with your angered girlfriend.
Home is to be with your family and with your loved ones. Make the creatures find their home, gathering at each level in this puzzle 2d platformer. ◆◆ 「うち」は家族と相手と一緒にいるのことです。
A couple attempts to have a talk using a new but still precarious media called telephone. Help Gerald and Diana giving a meaning to their conversation, so they can be together.
In a world overrun by hellish creatures, a charming little frog must fight to restore the land in this fast-paced 2D mobile brawler. Numa terra devastada por criaturas infernais, um simpático sapin
In an island before time, a wandering soul must free the elements trapped by ancient beings so humanity can exist. Numa ilha antes do tempo uma alma perdida deve libertar os elementos aprisionados
An Eldritch abomination, born in the depths of space, comes to Earth in search of one of our most valuable resources: liquid water.
The epic saga of the lone C.A.N.D.Y.
A game about the lost things that makes us who we are.
Once upon a time, there was a brave frog who lived by the lake. His heart would flutter by every time he spotted the great tower in the sky. The princess is falling in love... And the little frog set out to find what made his heart feel that way...
And if the Earth is a Heart of Solar System? Help the Earth counter human destruction and catastrophic events, until "EarthBeat" stop.
The true story about the Ouroboros symbol, never before reveled... until now. A 2D platformer game about the quest of a smart snake in ancient Egypt, looking for your true love.

Hearty Games