Rodain Joubert

Past Games

Solve tangram-style puzzles by breaking up large blocks into pieces of your choosing before putting them back together in a superior way!
Help a group of psychologically damaged hammerhead sharks (and their friends) by listening to their problems and finding objects that will help them feel better. Controls: WASD or arrow keys: move
A sense of self and a clear focus on one's identity in all its various aspects is what I believe to be a feeling of Home. In this short guided narrative, I ask a few people what THEY believe t
A take on "broken telephone", with a mobile device passed once through a chain of players that has to continuously reconstruct an original sentence from a degenerating mess of fridge magnet
4 players are in a cell captured by an evil overlord. In order for 2 people to be freed, you have to kill 2 other players.
This is a game that inspires you about trains. In every level, you have to get your train from point A (on the left) to point B (on the right). Between these two points will be fiendish obstacles (such as circular grey mountains) and spawn points for various kinds of railroad bandits. You’ll need to learn how to arm and armour yourself in such a way that you can make it to the end without succumbing to these hordes.
You are the last fleet of the human race, being pursued by a horrendous evil. Try to escape and prevent the extinction of the human race.
It's a who dunnit, but backwards. You are the killer. The game plays like Memento as you navigate various flashbacks and try not to break causeality. Your goal is to keep your lies congruent in order to lead the detective to the wrong conclusion and arrest someone who isn't you.