Past Games

It's late at night...
You're underwater, trying to find your friends. A short submerged 3D swimming sim about exploring a sunken city. Collect bells, see the sights, and pick up your friends on the way up.
In this point-and-click puzzle repair game, you play as a robot that is surpassing its purpose and trying to fix the greenhouse.
'Breathing Space' - a 2D point-and-click game about taking care of your alien. Can you fix a broken heart with coffee? You play as the AI of a 7-day interplanetary shuttle pod.
An assymetric 3d heist game. A thief is on a mission to steal a dangerous virus from a lab guarded by a cheese starved sequrity crew with remote access to the security system.
You are a survivor of a shipwrecked pirate ship.
A story about the pitfalls of falling into habit.
This game asks the question, what to do when stuck in an elevator with random strangers for a long elevator ride? Do you induce serenity or panic? Do you play it cool or behave awkwardly?