Robin Lindh Nilsson

Past Games

You are a somber spirite guide, you exist in the gods zen garden. It is your duty and mission to find lost souls that have been reincarnated as lost fish.
Keep your ship floating at any cost in this chaotic physics sandbox about a boat trip that went horribly wrong Instructions: Use 2 xbox gamepads. Place glue and wood to patch the holes as your sh
A great part of home for me is a nice relaxed cup of coffee in the morning. Control your muscles in a "QWOP" style, and enjoy as much coffee as you can before you need to run to the bus.
You are in charge of directing the blindfolded hostage to the point. Yell beautiful words through a megaphone until the clumsy hostage gets to the end point and gets rescued. Be careful though!
This is a multiplayer co-op game, where you play as a cameleont, divided by colour you control it's left and right side.