Past Games

In the future there's a group of children who formed a secret club. Their club is called: C.A.N.D.L.E.
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A mouse-controlled action game in which you have to be thoughtful about your actions: if your movements are too erratic or you give your character too many commands in a short time, it becomes stressed, resulting in visual effects that afflict your gameplay. Move the character inside the arena using your mouse, click and drag a path so it can dash through enemies. Your mouse movements influence the graphics on screen: if you move too quickly the screen flashes and shakes, colours become more saturated and change hues, et cetera.
This is a game were you play one of three extraordinarily hungry creatures that are out to eat each other. However, they can only hunt one of the others at the same time, so each of the three creatures will be hunting one creature, while they are being chased by the other. Try to hunt for your ever-switching prey, aim at their weak point: the tail, and dodge your ferocious enemy.