Robert Canciello

Past Games

An asymmetrical derby of derp!
A multiplayer game in which teams of players try to chain a charge along a series of nodes to their goals. Characters are differentiated by team colors.
1v1 bouncy circle-smashing goodness. Press DOWN to go down to bounce and gain height. Stomp your opponent 10 times to win!
Local multiplayer competitive game using waves and bounciness
Impress the head Warlock by summoning the nastiest creatures you can before he gets there! Quick, he's on his way!
Contention is a party game, based on an abstraction of the classic idea of a global superpower standoff.
Point & Click adventure set in a 1930's mansion during a summer thunderstorm. Developed for Mac OSX. Needs to be run on a 1920x1200 monitor.
A paradoxical racing game!
Two rival island nations are given the capacity to destroy each other.