Past Games

It is the turn of the 22and Century and the world is recovering from a dark cyber apocalypse. As one of the few remaining true humans you are ready to prove your dominion as Queen!
Start your day by making your toast your way, with a little encouragement from Toaster MC.
GREE, the robot has crash landed on a organic planet and smashed his heart in the crash. The heart is also the power source of the ship, and the player needs to help him rebuild it using organic parts you will find on the planet. Electric Jellyfish are the life source and inhabitants of the planet, and provide GREE with temporary power to sustain his life. Smaller jelly fish spawn, that he can absorb into his power meter. Players use the space bar to operate GREE's heart and maintain momentum, if his heart slows, or he runs out of power he shuts down. The frequency of the heart beats/button presses accelerate and decelerate to allow navigation of obstacles. Players will get one revive, and one check point to drop as an additional revive point. Going faster will get you through the game quicker but at a higher cost to power levels. Using the bigger picture diversifier, our objective of the overarching game is to get the players to understand the impact they are having on the environment surrounding them, and that resources are finite. The five level environments are themed around the 5 process stages that the heart goes through. 1. Relaxed, expanding and filling. 2. Contracting and purifying blood. 3. Semi contracted. 4. Fully contracted. 5. Relaxed state.