Past Games

Relieve your childhood experiences of helping your dad fix a car! Hand your dad wrenches, hammers, and beer in an attempt to dampen his increasing rage. Fail to follow his commands and he might
A micro point-and-click adventure about an amnesiac scientist building a sentient robot.
Home is safe. Home is a place to return to. To reset. Through our existence we build our home. It serves as a launching point for grander and grander adventures. But we can always return to Home.
Decipher an alien language to help them out.
Your followers want to make it to Church, and they need your guidance to get there. They will logically follow your instructions and do nothing else.
Two player co-operative game where two children dress up as a grown man in order to purchase alcohol. The movement is controlled by managing the center of balance - the balance of player two (who i