Past Games

Small family project to introduce game development to the whole family. End result is still evolving card came, East vs. West.
Our game is a First-Person 3D game set in a Finnish forest. In this game you wake up in a forest without any memory how you ended up there or who you are.
Visual novel following in the footsteps of Helinä Rautavaara. You are a field agent of the Rautavaara museum and you need to repair a damaged museum collection, in a just a two weeks.
It’s that time. The time we all face time to time, even if we don’t want to. Moving day! But this time you are moving all alone. The old house is half empty. The new house is half empty.
Two stranded robots inside a abandoned factory. One of them horribly disfigured and the other one lonely, so lonely, missing it’s dysfunctional companion.