Past Games

With Earth overpopulated and getting more crowded each year, expanding to other planets became a top priority for many nations.
A solar flare in the roaring 20's threatens to damage the refrigerator of an underground, but esteemed establishment, thus destroying the club’s moonshine supply.
Everybody wants their home to look their best and offer basic confort.
When the world faces an invasion from an alien hive queen's advance troups, humanity's only hope stands in the hands of three brave pilots that have to stop her from sending a transmission
Your raven familiar tries to find its way home with an important spell, before your archnemis's's's's (how do you even spell it?!?) raven does the same.
A day at the beach is fun and relaxing, are a stubborn baby kaiju in training for world domination!!
Back in his ancient fortress, Chtulhu is floating about in a state of anger and despair, at his Elder brethren and the whole world..